AIMA Journal Editorial Guidelines

About the AIMA Journal

The AIMA Journal is a quarterly digital magazine featuring the very best industry thought leadership from across the alternative investment industry.

Produced by AIMA, the global representative for the alternative investment industry, each edition of the AIMA Journal is distributed to in excess of 30,000 contacts globally, including fund managers, investors and other actors.

Submitting an article if you are an AIMA member firm

A member firm may only submit one article per edition, and no more than one article per year (Sponsoring Partners of AIMA may submit up to four per year). Articles may be edited for brevity and clarity.

A fee of £3,000 is to be made payable per each additional contribution. This includes an article with the option of an advertisement (Ad) - see below. Depending on the volume of articles, it is possible to also submit an advert only.

Please note that AIMA reserves the right to refuse advert only contributions.

The Editor has the right to refuse any contribution that is not deemed to meet the editorial guidelines (set out below).

Submitting an advertisement

In addition to an article, AIMA member companies in a jurisdiction where an active corporate membership is held are also allowed to submit one advertisement.

The advertisement needs to be A4 (297x210mm), portrait, high resolution, PDF/JPEG/EPS, no bleed.

Deadline for submission

To allow all articles to be reviewed and avoid delays on the preparation of the AIMA Journal, all deadline extensions should be discussed and agreed prior to the deadline. We might consider extending the deadline up to two working days, but we reserve the right not to accept any contribution past the deadline.

Editorial guidelines

We ask that articles meet the following criteria:

  • Articles should be relevant to hedge fund managers, alternative credit managers and funds of funds and provide guidance or thought leadership
  • As AIMA is a global body with jurisdictional neutrality, articles in the AIMA Journal may not compare jurisdictions, overtly or implicitly
  • Articles should avoid referring to particular funds / accounts / companies / clients or products
  • Where possible, articles should appear in the AIMA Journal before appearing elsewhere
  • Articles should be no less than 800 words and no more than 1,500 words in length (including footnotes and (short) disclaimer where relevant)
  • Articles should be submitted in a word document format
  • Depending on the topic, names of individuals or companies may be removed
  • Inclusion of charts/graphs are welcome, though please discuss this with the editor if you wish to include more than two
  • Charts/graphs should be supplied as high-resolution JPEG/PNG/SVG/EPS

AIMA will publish the author’s name, job title and photo and the company name. In case of multiple authors, AIMA will publish up to three headshots. Short disclaimers also may be included under certain circumstances. Authors may include their email address and company website. We do not, however, include the author’s biographical information, nor do we publish company boilerplates.

Please note that availability is limited, and we cannot accept any additional contributions once all the spots have been filled. To secure your spot, please make sure to email Caterina Giordo and Lucy Robinson prior to the deadline. The full editorial calendar can be found here.

Please note that AIMA reserves the right to decline a contribution and is not obliged to provide any rationale for that decision.  In such an event, AIMA will keep that decision entirely confidential.

The Alternative Investment Management Association Ltd (AIMA) holds the sole copyright for the AIMA Journal and all items therein for the purposes of controlling the copying, editing and re-distribution of all items by any other parties. All those wishing to utilise part of/ all of any item within the AIMA Journal are required to obtain written permission from both AIMA and the author which will specifically outline the elements to be utilised together with the full distribution purpose and coverage.

Download Editorial Guidelines for AIMA member firms

Editorial guidelines (AIMA members)

Non-members of AIMA wishing to contribute to the AIMA Journal should download the below editiorial guidelines

Download Editorial Guidelines for non-members of AIMA

Editorial guidelines (non-members)