What you need to know to more effectively manage your Prime


This will be an interactive session covering the key practical points of a Prime Brokerage relationship.  The session will explore what clients tend to look for from Primes, and ask them to consider why this is. It will also cover the key changes that Primes have gone through over the past 10+ years, focusing on the impact that these changes have had on client relationships from a Prime’s perspective. 


The goal of the session is to provide the audience with greater insight, and clarity, on both client and Prime sides of a relationship. This will enable attendees to better understand, and align agendas, to more effectively manage their Prime relationship(s).


Who should attend?


  • Asset management staff in legal, compliance and operations at any level of seniority.
  • Asset management staff in Prime facing roles at any level of seniority.

Please see below for a full overview of the session.