AIMA Australia Annual Forum

Cliff Asness, the renowned co-founder and CIO of AQR Capital, speaks at the 2016 AIMA Australia Annual Forum

The AIMA Australia Annual Forum is a non-profit conference organised by the alternative investment industry for the industry, featuring high-quality Australian and international speakers sharing insights, reflections and war-stories with fund managers and investors. 

The 4th AIMA Australia Annual Forum 2016, held in Sydney in September 2016, featured outstanding speakers including Cliff Asness of AQR Capital, Jane Buchan of PAAMCO and Craig Danderand of the Future Fund. It attracted an audience of 410 delegates, making it the largest conference of its type held in Australia. Click on the link below for some of the 2016 Forum highlights.

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AIMA Australia Annual Forum 2016 - post-event review