AIMA Next Generation Manager Forum

AIMA’s Next Generation Manager Forum, now in its eight year, is a conference that offers a showcase for the best meetings that AIMA’s Next Generation Manager Group have held throughout the year. The Forum provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and the development of peer networking for senior individuals (predominantly COO, CFO) at hedge fund businesses managing less than $500m in hedge assets. These firms are an integral part of the alternative investment management community and are important and substantial contributors to AIMA’s work.  

We are pleased to welcome over 250 delegates each year to join in the discussions elaborating on some of the key discussion points of this group and during the half day session, speakers explore the nuts and bolts of this dynamic market and how best to build a successful alternative investment business. Past themes included how to best manage the firm’s operations, navigating the key compliance issues into 2020, and a discussion on how best to manage capital raising for your business.  

AIMA Next Generation Manager Group

The AIMA Next Generation Manager Group provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and the development of a peer networking community for emerging manager firms. This group meets on a regular basis and discusses issues that are pertinent to their stage of development.

These meetings are free for AIMA members, and for prospective members for a limited period of time. To learn more or to get involved with the group, please contact Fiona Treble –

Past speakers include:
Ira Asthana, Associate, Equitile Investments Ltd
Andrew Main, Consultant, INDOS Financial
Pieter van Putten, Managing Director, Pelargos Capital B.V
Bill Prew, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, INDOS Financial 
Marc Sharman, Chief Operating Officer, Tresidor Investment Management LLP
Ed Lewis, Albourne Partners Ltd
Jessica Craven, Head of Responsible Investment & Compliance, Kimura Capital
Shenan Dhanani, Managing Director and Co-Head, Trium Capital LLP
Gilly Uppal, Partner, Cedarknight Partners LLP