AIMA Webinar Replay: Operational Security for Institutions Investing in Crypto

Published: 25 October 2022

Recorded October 21

Please please join a discussion on the operational security risks facing institutions entering the crypto markets. You will hear from experts in crypto trading that are working to solve the biggest security and operational challenges facing teams of traders. Learn how to address these risks, and how you can secure and streamline your own trading operations.

This session will include speakers from Floating Point Group, a crypto prime brokerage platform with an agency trading desk, and Arca, a leading financial institution guiding professionals and institutions into the blockchain powered digital economy.

While at MIT John Peurifoy was a pioneer in algorithmic trading of cryptocurrency, and as CEO, he co-founded Floating Point Group to bring the power of programmatic currency to a financial system that consumes billions of hours and trillions of dollars each year.

Wesley Hansen, Head of Trading and Operations at Arca, has more than ten years of experience in trading, five of which have been focused on digital assets. At Arca he leads an asset management team creating and managing institutional grade products using crypto and blockchain technology.

This panel will discuss Operational Security (OpSec) risks in crypto markets. Topics covered will include:

  • Common threat vectors to consider for crypto asset managers and business 
    • Social phishing attacks on your employees
    • Breach of internal communication channels
    • Leakage of login credentials
    • Leakage of programmatic credentials
  • Visibility of your holdings across multiple venues
  • Counterparty diversification
  • Controls and entitlements

We will also hold a 10 minute question and answer session at the end of the webinar for any topics that were not covered by our experts.


John Peurifoy, CEO and co-founder of Floating Point Group
Wesley Hansen, Head of Trading and Operations at Arca

Michelle Noyes, Head of Americas, AIMA


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