AIMA Bermuda ExCo

The ExCo of the AIMA Bermuda network seeks to be as representative of the asset management community on the island as possible. To this end, we have welcomed members from accounting, legal and banking sectors, together with fund management and administration professionals.

The ExCo comprises -

  • Craig Bridgewater, Chair (KPMG)
  • Michael Burns (Harneys)
  • Elizabeth Cava (Deloitte)
  • Mathew Charleson (Kane LPI)
  • Elizabeth Denman (Conyers Dill &Pearman)
  • Peter Hughes (Apex)
  • Laura Knox-Clingerman (Harbour)
  • Danielle Paynter (HSBC)
  • Sally Penrose (Appleby)
  • Sean Smith (PwC)
  • Katharine Summerley (Orbis)
  • Helen Thornton (Nephila)
  • Ben Wright (EY)
  • Michael Veale (Butterfield Bank)