AIMA Cayman ExCo


AIMA Cayman is governed by its Executive Committee. The following are currently members of the AIMA Cayman Executive Committee:

Chairman Ronan Guilfoyle Calderwood
Deputy Chairman Timothy Rossiter  Harmonic Fund Services 
Secretary Christian Victory Appleby
Treasurer Darren Stainrod Marbury Fund Services
Vice Treasurer Paul Kelly Citco Fund Services (Holdings) Limited
Co-Chairs, Legal & Regulatory

Lucy Frew

Michael Richardson


Maples and Calder

Co-Chairs, Education & Reseach

Yolanda McCoy

Allison Nolan

HighWater Limited

Athena International Management Limited

Co-Chairs, Communications

Alaina Danley

John Ackerley

DMS Governance Limited

Carne Global Financial Services Limited

Co-Chairs, Social & Events

Greg O'Driscoll

Benjamin Reid

Grant Thornton

Maitland Administration Limited

Immediate Past Chairman Russell Burt  Marbury Fund Services (Cayman) Limited

For further information, please contact [email protected].