Committees and Working Groups for US members

AIMA members in the US are encouraged to get involved in local and global committees and working groups. AIMA standing committees operate on a global basis and membership is by invitation. These committees include:

Working groups are established as a result of interest shown in a topic by the membership, or staff assessment of the importance of an issue. The composition of a working group is usually a mix of fund managers and service providers. Membership on single-tier working groups and panels of experts is usually open, although there are some exceptions.  A current list of working groups can be found here and new groups are announced in our Weekly News mailing.

When you are added to a working group, you can expect to receive updates on the regulation relevant to that group, as well as invitations to join calls and meetings of the working group. Members of our working groups are encouraged to ask for new topics to be raised on calls, and make suggestions for new guidance notes or summaries. Active working group participants might also be asked to participate in meetings with policymakers. Our working groups often work in cooperation with other trade associations including, but not limited to, the Managed Funds Association and the Investment Association.  

Manager members are also welcome to get involved in specific groups related to their particular function. These include: