Webinar playback: No going back - new realities in private markets

Published: 09 August 2023

In this webinar, State Street discuss the findings of the study conducted by State Street in 2022 on the outlook of private markets.

The survey of nearly 500 investment institutions across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, was conducted to understand the perspective on private markets of generalist asset managers, private markets managers, insurers and asset owners. This has formed the basis of the 2023 Future of Private Markets Study, which analyses the macro environment and its relation to private markets.

Speakers discuss the challenges investors in private markets are facing while exploring potential solutions and highlight other key themes that emerged from the research.


  • Andrew Allright, Managing Director, EMEA Alternatives Solutions Specialist, State Street
  • Alison Arthur, VP, EMEA Alternatives Solutions Specialist, State Street
  • Ciaran Grant, Managing Director, EMEA Alternatives Product Head, State Street
  • Dan Richardson, Global Head of Solutions Engineering, State Street

Click here to access the result from the survey completed by State Street.

Recorded on 08/08/2023