Webinar Playback: War In Ukraine - How asset managers are dealing with the consequences

Published: 22 March 2022


Please join us as we discuss how the asset management community is dealing with the consequences in practice of the unprecedented steps and interventions unleashed in reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. In addition to sanctions, we will cover the challenges which are the immediate focus for firms now and look beyond those to longer term considerations for which are starting to plan.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of sanction measures in the UK, EU and US
  • Broader issues for asset managers including practical aspects of divestment
  • Position management – immediate close out positions, short selling bans
  • Liquidity management – suspensions, gating, side-pockets
  • Portfolio management – retention of positions, adjustment to investment objectives, impact for tracker funds
  • Bilateral investment treaty – recovery options in longer term


  • Remmert Keijzer, Associate Director, Asset Management Regulation, AIMA


  • Andy Hartwill, Client Insights Lead, Simmons & Simmons


  • UK
    • Jayne Bentham, Partner, Litigation, Arbitration, Simmons & Simmons
    • Lucian Firth, Partner, Simmons & Simmons 
    • Stephen Gentle, Partner, Contentious Regulatory, Crime and Competition, Simmons & Simmons
    • James Wallace, Managing Associate, Financial Services Regulatory, Simmons & Simmons 
  • EU
    • Sasha Kuhn, Partner, Dispute Resolution and Compliance Regulatory, Simmons & Simmons 
  • US
    • Andrew Jacobson, Associate, Litigation, Seward & Kissel
    • Bruce Paulsen, Partner, Litigation, Seward & Kissel

Recorded on 17/03/22