Affinity Groups and Diversity Success Stories

By Jack Inglis, CEO, AIMA

Published: 27 July 2018


In March 2018, AIMA became a signatory of the Women in Finance Charter. In that capacity, AIMA is committed to improving the diversity and inclusion of our workforce. We also committed to working with our members to improve diversity and inclusion across the hedge fund industry. We have established a member-led Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group to direct our work in this field.

We are building a database of member firms’ affinity groups (for instance, LGBTQ and ally groups, women’s networks, etc.), which will be put on the members’ area of the AIMA website. Our hope is that this database will allow industry affinity groups to get in touch with each other, plan joint events and share best practice. We hope to build on this network, and we are exploring ways to better connect our members with each other and facilitate closer collaboration.

Should you so desire, please send the details of your firm’s affinity groups (firm name, group title, and key contact) to

We are inviting members to share stories of your success in promoting diversity at your firms. These stories will be shared, anonymously if preferred, with the rest of our membership in order to provide helpful examples for those firms wishing to actively increase the diversity of their workforces.

Should you so desire, please send a short description of your firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, why your firm undertook them, and the impact they have had, to

Updates on our work will be provided in due course. We look forward to working with our membership in order to ensure that the hedge fund industry continues to have a diverse, talented, and dynamic workforce in the years to come.