Ep. 72 The Long-Short | Full steam ahead or just hype – Unpacking the reality of Gen AI

Published: 22 November 2023

The Long-Short is a podcast by the Alternative Investment Management Association, focusing on the very latest insights on the alternative investment industry.

Each episode will examine topical areas of interest from across the alternative investment universe with news, views and analysis delivered by AIMA’s global team, as well as a host of industry experts.

What would you ask an AI investment guru, seasoned in activating AI for elite private equities at McKinsey, now guiding hedge funds in leveraging AI to invest in alternative assets, transforming both their core operations and back-office activities?

Dr. Mohammad Rasouli, a Stanford AI researcher joins us to delve into the transformative potential of AI in our daily lives and answer whether AI is going to be evolutionary or revolutionary in how we do business.

Additional resources:

AI for Investment: A Platform Disruption

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Key timestamps:

  1. How would you compare AI to some of the most important inventions in human history? - 1:38
  2. Can you define AI? - 3:56
  3. How is AI disrupting modern civilisation today? - 5:45
  4. How is generative AI different from other kinds of AI? - 8:06
  5. Will AI be an evolution or a revolution? - 9:58
  6. What is the roadmap as to when AI will exist across all aspects of our professional and personal lives? - 11:51
  7. How can AI enhance portfolio management? - 15:35
  8. How is generative AI being used to inform the investment decision making process? - 20:31
  9. What is the risk of AI to fund managers? - 24:51
  10. Is the asset management industry ready to deal with the potential disruption of generative AI? - 29:11
  11. How will AI affect headcount at firms? - 31:16
  12. What does the future look like with AI compared to today? - 35:10

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