Invitation to share success stories on improving diversity and inclusion in member firms

Published: 28 June 2018


AIMA would like to invite members to send us your success stories on diversity and inclusion initiatives and activities in your firms. This follows AIMA signing the Women in Finance Charter in March 2018, under which AIMA has committed to implementing the recommendations of the Charter regarding improvements to AIMA’s gender diversity and inclusion. Beyond our Charter obligations, AIMA has also voluntarily committed to lead on improving diversity and inclusion in the alternative investment management industry. In June, AIMA established a member-led Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group to direct our work in promoting greater diversity in the industry. As part of our efforts, AIMA is interested in sharing success stories of our members in this space, to start the conversation, and encourage collaboration and positive change across our membership on this important issue. If you have examples of successful workplace initiatives or activities that you would be willing to have published on AIMA’s website, please contact us at [email protected].