Press release: AIMA publishes new guidance on how to be an ally in the global hedge fund industry

Published: 15 July 2021



15 July 2021

Drawing on the stories of members of the global hedge fund industry, the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) has published a guide on how to be an ally to colleagues from minority or underrepresented groups.

‘How to be an Ally: Stories from the Hedge Fund Industry’ provides examples of how members of the industry can support their colleagues, and breaks allyship down into four pillars: listening, supporting, educating, and persisting. Each pillar is illustrated with stories from the industry, featuring individuals and firms from across the world.

The paper also includes a list of a dozen actions industry members can take immediately to support their colleagues.

Jack Inglis, CEO of AIMA, commented: “AIMA is proud to work with our industry to create a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and meritocratic industry. This new guide follows our previous work on DEI, including our paper ‘The Alternatives’ which offered a series of practical steps for firms looking to do more to improve DEI in the industry. We would like to thank those industry members who took the time to share their stories with us.”

Robyn Grew, Group COO and General Counsel, Man Group; Chair, AIMA DEI Steering Group; Vice Chair, AIMA Council commented: “The people who come to work every day in the industry are the essential element in the success of DEI. It has to be embedded in the culture of our industry at every level, from the reception desk to the executive office.”