AIMA Webinar Replay: SEC Rulemaking: Facts, Fiction and Why Your Comments Matter

Published: 22 July 2022

Recorded on July 19, 2022

Over the past year, the SEC has released nearly two dozen rule proposals, many of which came almost simultaneously this spring to the surprise of many. The recently released regulatory flexibility agenda indicates there is more to come.

Many in the industry do not understand the SEC rulemaking process, instead making assumptions for regulatory motivation or intent. These assumptions often lead to inaction, falsely believing they can have no meaningful role in the process. To the contrary, the public’s views are of vital importance to the SEC, validating or dispelling conclusions and frequently shaping the outcome of a rule proposal. Failing to provide input harms the regulator and the regulated alike.

On July 19, join AIMA for a special conversation on rulemaking with Robert Holowka and Nathan Schuur of the SEC’s Division of Investment Management, both of whom are directly involved in the rulemaking process, and Michael Kitson of Bridgewater Associates, who is regularly involved in providing comments and feedback to regulators on rule proposals. During the session, we will break down how rules are made and the impact public comments can have on the outcome. Questions are welcome and encouraged.


Robert Holowka, Senior Counsel, Securities and Exchange Commission

Nathan Schuur, Senior Counsel, Securities and Exchange Commission

Michael Kitson, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer and Counsel, Bridgewater

Suzan Rose, Senior Advisor, Government & Regulatory Affairs, AIMA