AIMA Webinar Replay: From the Front Lines of IT Infrastructure Challenges Under BCP – a Conversation with Members

Published: 19 March 2020

The current state of play has many firms testing and invoking business continuity plans, and there is an unprecedented number of businesses transitioning staff to working remotely. For some firms, this is a radical change and one that had to be enacted in very little time. In recent weeks, early movers have already made this change, but others still are in the process of implementing a new policy or invoking BCP in stages. What lessons can be learned from those early to make these adjustments? In this timely conversation AIMA asks RFA, an IT, financial cloud and cyber-security provider, to shed light on the following:

  • What have been the most common inbound questions / requests?
  • How prepared are firms for working remotely?
  • What are some common shortfalls or issues revealed when testing BCP?
  • How are firms leveraging technology to enable teamwork when staff are in remote locations?
  • How are firms of different sizes and from different locations adjusting IT spend or managing changes in light COViD-19?

During the call, we invite you to raise questions and offer your observations on successful practices, which undoubtedly will be helpful to the overall discussion. Considerable uncertainty remains in what lies ahead, but we hope that this session will assist you in managing through this challenging time. 

Access the playback by clicking here