*Times are listed in BST, the agenda and order of the panel topics are subject to change. 

14:00 Welcoming remarks


14:05 Fireside chat with Marshall Wace and Abbey Capital

This fireside chat will provide insights around the development of technology teams, emerging cyber risks and cyber planning, as well as new technologies such as practical applications of AI or machine learning in hedge funds. 




14:30 Panel | Cyber and technology due diligence

Panellists will discuss the approach taken by investors and due diligence analysts to evaluate investment managers' cyber security maturity and management, issues surroundings cyber-threats, vendor due diligence and the evolution of technology changing how ODD is framed, as well as draw attention to the most common cyber security lapses that they are seeing from managers. 

Emily Agnew

Director of Operational Due Diligence, Prime Buchholz

Paul O'Leary

Financial Services Technology and Cyber Risk Partner, RSM

Nadia Salih

Senior Operational Due Diligence Analyst, Kedge Capital

Chris Vella

Technology Due Diligence Analyst, Albourne Partners


15:20 Cyber and operational resilience regulatory landscape

The U.S. SEC’s Division of Enforcement’s Cyber Unit was established in September 2017 and has substantial cyber-related expertise. The Cyber Unit focuses on violations involving digital assets, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies; cybersecurity controls at regulated entities; issuer disclosures of cybersecurity incidents and risks; trading on the basis of hacked non-public information; and cyber-related manipulations, such as brokerage account takeovers and market manipulations using electronic and social media platforms. Cyber Unit Chief Kristina Littman will discuss the Division’s enforcement efforts involving cybersecurity.

Kristina Littman

Chief, Cyber Unit, Division of Enforcement, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


15:45 Fireside chat with technology vendors

This fireside chat will provide insights around the benefits of technology, both in front and back office, which became increasingly apparent during the pandemic. The speakers will look at the current state of technology on the buy-side and how technology has become a critical enabler for alternative investment managers, as well as explore strategies to embrace the digital, cloud, Alternative Data, AI, blockchain innovation race that is occurring. As the industry continues to see an uptick in cyberattacks, the speakers will consider cybersecurity investment and how firms should approach cyber risks in a decentralized environment. 

Bill Tan

Chief Information Security Officer, ECI


16:30 Panel | New and emerging hedge fund technologies

Panellists will discuss how investment managers are tackling information security challenges, different models for investing in firms’ future IT infrastructure, new technologies that the investment management industry are exploiting such as cloud adoption and software solutions, and the expectations of what is going to shape the landscape in the next decade.

Conor Flynn

Chief Information Security Officer, Waystone Group

Nate Tombs

Chief Information Security Officer, Man Group