Times are listed in CET. The agenda and order of the panels are subject to change. 

1:30pm Panel | Evaluating the “crypto cycle” and investor sentiment

Digital asset markets have mirrored the sharp fluctuations in traditional markets this year following last year’s meteoric rise. This panel will provide an overview of the digital asset landscape and expectations for the growth and development of institutional adoption. The panellists represent market participants who have been deeply involved in this asset class and have a keen understanding of digital assets. They will examine the digital asset markets and discuss where we are, how we got here, and where we go next…

Ray Hindi

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, L1 Digital

Tom Kehoe

Managing Director, Global Head of Research and Communications


2:15pm Fireside chat | Digital assets policy and regulation

The lack of a clear regulatory framework for digital assets has been one of the most significant barriers to mainstream institutional adoption. This session will provide an overview of the emerging regulatory landscape for digital assets and the divergent approaches taken across the globe, including Switzerland’s approach to regulation and what the EU’s new MiCA regulation could mean for the digital assets market across Europe.

Tina Balzli

Partner, Head of Fintech & Blockchain, CMS Zurich


2:45pm Panel | The safekeeping of private keys and digital assets

Asset managers are increasingly looking at how digital assets may be incorporated into existing and new strategies. This panel will consider some of the key questions investors are asking, such as how the specific risks associated with digital assets can be managed and what role a custodian/depositary plays in this ecosystem. The panellists will look at how these unique exposures and risks might require innovative approaches.


3:40pm Panel | Managing operational and regulatory risks when investing in digital assets

The origins of AIMA’s Digital Assets Working Group are largely operational in nature. This panel will tackle what some of the key operational considerations are when investing in digital assets that investment managers and allocators must consider, as well as take a closer look at the evolving regulatory risk landscape.  

Tristan Murfitt

Head of Engineering - Asset Management & Innovation, Menai Financial Group

Adrian Keller

Blockchain Audit Leader & Asset Management Audit Partner, PwC Switzerland


4:20pm Panel | The opportunities of institutional capital in the space

Many institutional investors and asset managers are already considering the opportunities and risks that the digital asset markets present to their existing approaches. This panel will look at trends in recent digital fund launches, such as the strategies which have gained acceptance with investors, and some of the best practices for those looking to diversify into this new asset class.

Mitchell Dong

Chief Executive Officer, Pythagoras Investment Management

Ed Hindi

Chief Investment Officer, TYR Capital Partners