Tuesday, October 8

9:10 am Panel 1 - Around the World: Word on the Street


10:40 am Panel 2 - Hedge Funds

Zarqaa Shaikh

Director, Multi-Strategy Investments, Capital Markets Group, OPTrust

Jon Feeney

Head of Tactical Strategies, Investcorp-Tages


11:20 am Fireside Chat 1 - Credit Market Debate: Public vs. Private


1:50 om Panel 3 - Liquidity Management across Private & Public Portfolios


Mark van der Zwan

Chief Investment Officer, Hedge Fund Solutions, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Derek Walker

Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Design & Construction, Total Fund Management, CPP Investments



2:30 pm Panel 4 - Private Credit


3:40 pm Panel 5 - Private Equity


4:20 pm Panel 6 - External Manager Program Excellence

Sandy Poiré

Portfolio Manager, Absolute Return, CN Investment Division



Wednesday, October 9

9:40 am Panel 7 - Megatrends

Joe Dowling

Global Head, Blackstone Multi-Asset Investing (BXMA)

Eduard van Gelderen

Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments)

Anne-Marie Fink

Chief Investment Officer, Private Markets and Funds Alpha, State of Wisconsin Investment Board


10:50 am Panel 8 - Emerging Managers

Kirk Sims

Managing Director of Emerging Managers Program, Texas Retirement System

Odrée Ducharme

Managing Director, Invesment funds and external management, CDPQ


1:20 pm Keynote Interview 4 - Leadership for the next generation

Derek Drummond

Head of Strategy - Funds Alpha, State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB)


1:50 pm Panel 9 - Digital Assets

Frank Mihail

Chief Investment Officer, North Dakota Department of Trust Lands