AIMA Canada Coffee & Conversations

AIMA’s Coffee and Conversations program is designed to facilitate introductions between junior and experienced professionals and to seek and share guidance without the expectation of a long-term mentorship relationship. Organized by the Programming & Events Committee, participants self-select to be paired up for one coffee meeting annually. Read about one pairing success story here:

“Through AIMA Canada’s Coffee and Conversations initiative, I was paired up with Natalie Serebrennik, a Director of Prime Brokerage Sales at BMO Capital Markets. It was clear she and I were a great match from our initial coffee date. We had very similar personality traits and career aspirations, and she was the perfect person to help me navigate my early years in the financial services industry. Over the last year, Natalie has grown to serve as my coach, mentor, sponsor and above all, an inspiration. Natalie’s support has been incredible as she has advocated for my growth, acted as a sounding board, has helped me identify my strengths and introduced me to strategic individuals to connect with. 

Although networking may seem like a difficult and tedious process, it is so important to build a circle and search for a mentor early in your career (that is outside of your workplace), who can help you find your way in an industry of endless opportunity. Mentor and mentee relationships do not build overnight and require effort on both ends. They work best when developed organically versus being just another checklist item to add on your resume. There are success stories out there, you just have to go out there and find yours!” Supriya Sethi, Capital Markets and Investment Services, Richardson GMP Limited

We encourage all members to get involved in this program, regardless of position, experience or seniority.

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