Canadian Hedge Fund & Alternative Mutual Fund Indices

The Canadian Hedge Fund Indices provided by Scotiabank are both designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Canadian hedge fund universe, using different return calculations. 

The Scotiabank Canadian Hedge Fund Index (SCHF Index) offers both an equal weighting and an asset-weighted calculation. The SCHF Index includes both open and closed funds with AUM greater than C$15 million and at least a 12-month track record of returns, managed by Canadian-domiciled hedge fund managers.

The Scotiabank Alternative Mutual Fund Index tracks the performance of the Canadian Alternative Mutual Fund universe. Returns are calculated monthly on an equal-weighted basis. Index constituents are limited to funds that are classified as Alternative Mutual Funds, as defined in National Instrument 81-102. Given the emerging nature of liquid alternatives, there is no minimum track record, or AUM, required for inclusion in the Index at this time.