Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive ('AIFMD')


AIMA actively monitors and advocates on a variety of initiatives that will affect the operations of alternative investment fund managers ("AIFMs").  This can include matters within the four corners of AIFMD such as requirements affecting organisational, operational and risk management functions, managing leverage and liquidity risks, remuneration, investments in securitisations and private companies, valuation, delegation, interactions with depositaries, and marketing, among other things.  It also inlcudes initiatives outside the AIFMD itself, including ESG, the requirements under DORA, etc. where AIFMs are in scope.  

If you wish to be involved in AIMA’s engagement on AIFMD, please contact Jennifer Wood.

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More information on the current AIFMD Review scope, potential impacts and estimated timings for the finalisation of the AIFMD Review, transposition and implementation periods can be accessed via the channel below.


Transposition Deadline: April 16, 2026 Guidelines under Article 23(7): Estimated compliance by September 14, 2024