*Times are listed in BST. The agenda and order of the panel topics are subject to change.

13:00 Opening remarks


13:10 Panel: Next Generation Managers 10 years on | Hindsights and forecasts

AIMA is celebrating its tenth anniversary of the Next Generation Manager Forum.  Our panellists of managers will discuss what’s changed over the last 10 years, how they may have done things differently and offer tips for newcomers.  There will also be a discussion around how the next 10 years could look for new entrants.

Ted Parkhill

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Incline Investment Management


13:55 Seed deals | A manager's guide


14:15 Panel: Talent | Acquiring and keeping

The war for talent has intensified since the pandemic as candidates look for firms to offer a range of benefits. Our panellists from next generation managers are competing against established firms for the brightest and best, and the acquisition of such talent is essential to a firm’s future success. The panel will discuss how these managers can gain an edge when hiring and keeping talent.


15:30 Panel: ESG | Implementation and non-negotiables

Integrating responsible investing policies is vital for next generation managers looking to establish themselves in the alternatives fund industry. However, it can be difficult to navigate the plethora of different requirements and investor demands at an early stage in a manager’s development. The panellists will discuss how to implement sustainable ESG polices, and what is essential to include. 

Petra Dismorr

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, NorthPeak Advisory

Khalid Khan

Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Management, Aeon Investments


16:15 Panel: Investor relations | Retention and maintenance

Once next generation managers have obtained their assets the next challenge, during difficult markets, is how to retain them.  This panel of both managers and investors will explore the processes that need to be put in place and the interactions that should happen in order to maintain relationships and keep assets on board.

James Skeggs

Head of Business Development, Cambridge Machines Asset Management


17:00 Closing remarks



Fiona Treble

Managing Director, Global Head of Membership, AIMA